Comic Action/ SPIEL 2015

It was an unbelievably awesome weekend!

I went there on Saturday and Sunday and even though I wasn’t taking part as an artist I had an amazing time meeting artists and people I haven’t seen in a while.

There’s one artist I met last year who is an amazing photographer and who makes the most beautiful drawings! His pencilwork is just stunning. His website is currently under construction but when he’s relaunching it I’ll let you know and post a link.

I also met an amazing German comic book artist and cartoonist whose web comic I have been reading for about 2 years. I fell in love with his style and wit as I read the first episode and it was smashing to meet him in person.

There were also some American and Canadian comic book artists who worked for Marvel and DC and I was so excited to look over their shoulders while they were sketching! As I am a huge Harley Quinn lover it was rad to see Chad Hardin and I even got a picture with him (Yey!). Scott Koblish was there, too (go, Deadpool, go!) and Francis Manapul. It’s just beyond of this world how those guys create so much awesomeness with so little lines!

The best part is that I had dinner at the same table with them (a very lucky number of coincidences) but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to engage with them in conversation as the table was just too long and te place also was very noisy. But still … SAME table ;)

I also got some professional feedback on my own comic which was great to hear! I still have a long way to go but I’m not too far off the track.

Also I found another illustration which I haven’t shown to you guys yet (or at least I think so). It’s already a redone version because I didn’t like the way the old one was coloured. Have a great week!








Artist off duty

This weekend I actually had some time off! Which is quite rare because I currently have so much going on that even if I had the time I couldn’t relax properly.

However, this weekend one of my closest friends came to visit her family. After we finished school she moved to a big city to take up her university studies which is why I don’t see her as much as I used to. We already spent some time on Thursday but met up again on Friday to just have a good time. Upon reflecting on how different “adult-life” after graduating and starting uni/ a job is and how easy life used to be as a kid we remembered that we still had some toys lying around, collecting dust.

Of which use it to be a 20-year old who reads more comics than the kid next door, who considers Batman socks and a Batman belt as “dressed up nicely” and who still takes her pencils to the restaurant to wait for the meal to arrive if you can’t play with the toys you had as a kid? The toys you loved dearly.

So, we decided to call it a girls night and we started cleaning the dust of long-forgotten treasures.

We set up the slot car racing track and embraced the inner child. I loved it as a kid but it never grows old!


I hope you had a great weekend!