I’m still alive!

Hello my friends!

I’m back to Germany and managed to take a couple of minutes off. I’m currently working non stop on my comic which will be out in little less than eight weeks!!! It’s so exciting!

I’m almost completely done with the lineart and now I want to share a few sneak peeks. The picture’s page 11 so some thrilling stuff already happend … Tomorrow I’ll write a proper post introducing the plot and maybe even revealing a few more details regarding that lovely lady!



41 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. Your pencil/pen work is exceptional. Nicely drawn. I like your style. It reminds me a bit of a certain artist by the name of J. Scott Campbell who, I believe, drew a similar type of young woman in the comic Danger Girl.

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment really made my day! I love Danger Girl and I can not deny that J. Scott Campbell’s art had a huge impact on my style of drawing. However, I wasn’t aware that someone might recognise it as I never tried to copy his style. Have a great weekend!

      1. He has such a distinct style to certain facial features. I even thought I had copied him somehow when I drew a page of a comic/story I envisioned a few years back. I looked at what I had drawn and immediately thought it was a page from Gen-13. I didn’t want to be a lookalike.

        I liked the look of Danger Girl but can’t say I was crazy about reading any of the plots. Maybe some day I will find some old comics and give it a try. That villain with the red lens goggles stands out in my mind.

      2. He surely does! I liked Danger Girl but I adore his farytale illustrations! They are beyond awesome. Do you have some of your works on your blog? Unfortunately I didn’t get around to read much these days but I surely will catch up (:

      3. Fairy Tales? Wait…he drew Fables, didn’t he?…though I thought Neil Gaiman had a hand in that, maybe the writer.

        I only have the crudest of digital art on my blog, I think. I can’t recall posting any of my pencil/pen work in a while. I just don’t have much enthusiasm about that nor have I been doing much of it as of late because it requires having more storage space or trashing/selling/giving it away. So many here are doing these 365 day drawing challenges; it’s exhausting to think of the paper consumption and where it all goes. I am thinking of investing in some good dry erase boards and doing erasable exercises/having a travel Pictionary game handy.

        Yeah, that, too. I Follow some blogs but don’t have enough time to read/look at everything they post. And, those that post more than others often wash out the ones that post rarely. I hate to see the latter swallowed up by the former and miss what little they may need to say/share.

        As I posted today, I am planning on uploading some silhouette digital pieces related to the 1980s GI Joe cartoon, soon. I have a few pieces I have assembled digitally on my About Me and Chat Cafe pages (the latter where I plan on using wall space for gallery pieces).

      4. I don’t know about Neil Gaiman, but J. Scott Campbell and Nei Ruffino do most of those. Yes, it’s thr Grimm Tales pinups, too. And Farytale Fantasies (if I remember the name correctly). I totally get your point. I tried that challenge but I just couldn’t make it fit into my schedule (nor in my folders where I keep most drawings). It’s just too much. That’s what I love about digital artworks. They don’t weigh anything and you can get a back up on another hard disk which isn’t that expensive. Now you got me really curious, I’ll check your stuff in a minute! Indeed, there are many good writers who blog about interesting topics but my reader sections is always flooded with post of blogs I don’t even remember following.

      5. Are you sure you’re spelling that right? Farytale Fantasies?

        What I don’t like about digital art is: 1) It slows down your PC unless you keep transferring to/from a portable drive. 2) You don’t get the same feeling I get from holding a pencil and all the aspects of wrapping your mind around the gamble that is often avoided digitally. It’s a surreal difference in experience. 3) Unless you have great digital tools, printing lousy digital pieces isn’t as satisfying as having a piece made by hand and then reproduced in “litho” form.

        If you can’t remember following/adding a blog, that’s sad and means you should do some house cleaning.

      6. No, I didn’t, I’m sorry… it’s getting late. It’s “Fairytale Fantasies”. It surely is a different feeling but it also comes with great benefits – e.g. easily erasing a mistake. Luckily my computer didn’t get any slower yet and I am able to use a wacom tablet from my bosses studio. If I didn’t have it I’d go for more traditional stuff, too.
        In my defense, this blog recently had it’s 3rd Birthday and I didn’t use it for about 2 years. But I definitely should.

      7. I just looked them up; yeah, those pinup comics…I knew they were Campbell work. Not all of them…not many of them appeal to me, but I did see some nice pieces…that verge on pornography.

        Yea, that is one perk I usually like. But, even my PC has a meltdown now and then; and I have lost hours of work several times.

        Oh, nice, you have a Wacom tablet you can borrow for gratis.

        I had a few year hiatus from my blog, too. But, that was because this was a “bunker” I was setting aside while attending another blog elsewhere. Now, this is home. And, the other blog is more like a message in a bottle.

      8. I think they are great artworks regarding concept, pose and I love the colouring. In my opinion it sometimes it really is a bit too revealing but that doesn’t make Campbell any less of an great artist.
        Oh dear .. it’s crap when your pc crashes before saving. Had that a couple of time too.

      9. I just feel some great artists are compelled or driven by dark forces to do “scandalous” work when they could be applying those skills to something more noble. I feel the same way about some Japanese cartoonists/animators. I’ve seen some great art in horrible videos (pornographic) and wonder…why is such amazing talent squandered on smut and violent crap like this? It just feeds the monsters of the world and creates more.

        I also think, if Campbell goes too far in THAT direction, he is marring his good name.

        Yea, I lost so much work time on a few projects (partly my fault from trying to juggle too many files/variations on the image) that I nearly gave up completely. I feel like a slave for going back and redoing the work.

      10. I do get why they do it. Sex sells. I think this kind of illustration is great to practice anatomy. I made loads of them while I tried improving the anatomy of my characters but I will never make them public. There’s another great artist called sakimichan, but she’s been doing a lot of NSFW artwork lately. I think it really is a pity.

      11. This may sound like an echoing question, but WHY does sex sell? I think someone or some spirit is controlling that influence/power. Like a Greek god.

        I am unfamiliar with the artist…and what is NSFW?

        I had a brief period between 1996 and 2002 when I was rather “nudity obsessed” and would find myself drawing buxom nude females. But, after seeing so much exploitation online, I felt like it was a sex trade/business without anyone really making any money. I never wanted to post/publicize any of what I had drawn. So, I don’t.

        As much as some might feel it’s good to teach anatomy class for drawing, I feel better if the models have clothes on and I draw them as is, I guess. And, if I need to build a figure first, it doesn’t have to have nipples or private parts.

      12. If I only knew! NSFW is the short form for “Not Safe for Work” which mostly refers to any 18 + related things. Like that kind of art.
        Aya, sure, you don’t need to draw these in detail. But as long as these kind of drawings are not made public I don’t mind them at all. Drawing clothes on a body sometimes can even be more tricky!

      13. Ah. I thought there was an NT something something abbreviation for that. I don’t know why they even put the 18 + notation on any of it, because kids as young as 14 and adults as old as 60 could be doing “nasty” stuff. I don’t think the 18 + does anything other than tickle the perverts.

        And, why do so many artists belong to a website for “deviants”? That also puzzles me. Yes, let’s be popular deviants…ugh.

        But, the trick is worth the product, knowing someone isn’t secreting the nudity away to do something perverse with it and/or corrupt their thinking. It may sound old fashion, but I get why the “puritans” did it.

        Besides, women look prettier, in my opinion, clothed (with little or no makeup and no embellishments like tats, piercings or too many accessories)…provided the clothing is tasteful. As for men, I leave that to the women to decide:P

      14. Bitter-sweet new world!
        I absolutely don’t know. I have an account on that website, too but to be honest I didn’t even know the translation of the word “deviant” until 5 minutes ago. I know, shame on me.
        I too get the idea. I also don’t like if girls/ woman reveal too much. Be it as a piece of art or in real life. However, I think some tattoos andpiercings can look incredibly beautiful.
        To my mind it kind of is the same with men, like, in a way. A man dressed in a nice suit looks better than a lad in those new “stylish” pieces of clothing that reveal their entire upper body. At least that is what a lot of guys started wearing in Germany a while back.

      15. You did not know what a deviant was all this time? Although, I am sure there’s some neutral definition someone will defend as fair reason to support such sites. But, in my mind, it’s not a good word.

        If a woman has a great body and wants to show it off, there’s a good way and a place for that. And, there are many other places that such exposure is not good/smart. :) The Vatican being one.

        Yea, but suits are so BORING on men, considering so many office and stage professions use them. Why do late night talk show guys need suits and ties? I’d rather see a woman in a sharp pinstripe suit and tie. :) But, if men in suits is your thing, run with it. :)

        No. I don’t think any piercings are beautiful or functional.

        But, tattoos? Yes, not all are bad or unpleasant. I’ve seen some really elegant tattoo work on women (not on men). Yet, so many get tats like therapy instead of a massage or counseling.

        What are German men wearing?

      16. Since I am not a native speaker I don’t know every word and I never had the need to use this one in particular.
        Haha, absolutely. The Vatican surely is the wrong place – just remember what they did with those poor statues!
        Yes, women in suits can look nice in suits – but it’s the same as with every other type of clothing – you should have the suitable figure (same for men).
        Where would all those great cover-up tattoo shows be if we hadn’t people like that?
        It strongly depends on the type of men you’re dealing with (and which kind of job they have). Some dress casual, some classy and some can be spotted as utter jerks.

      17. Oh, you’re not a Native American…that was a wee joke in itself.

        I was expecting a retort like: “Actually, deviant just means being different from the norm. What’s so bad about that?” To which I was going to reply, “I just don’t like the sound of the word.”

        Women in suits look nice in suits? So, are they wearing two suits? That sounds awfully ridiculous and warm. :P

        Mmm…maybe so. But, you could put an oddly shaped person like Melissa McCarthy in a suit and make her look just as good as a Cameron Diaz. Tailoring is more of a factor in determining good looks.

      18. Did I use that wrongly?
        But I don’t want to rob you of your retort so here we go:
        Actually, being deviant just means being different from the norm. Nowadays people have become so obsessed with being mainstream. Why would it be a bad thing?
        Sure, women in suits wearing suits .. dang it, that just happens when you try to do two things at the same time. My apologies.
        Point taken – BUT great tailoring is also a question of money. Thus not affordable for everyone. Also some people just don’t care.

      19. Rob me of my retort? I don’t know if I should laugh or bite my tongue. :)

        I just think there are other words for being UNIQUE or DIVERSIFYING that don’t sound as sinister as “deviant” (which, to me, sounds a bit like “pervert”). Even “deviate” would sound fresher than that.

        No need to apologize. It was fun for me to play with. :) But, what two things are you doing at once?

        Well, sure, there’s a cost factor in getting clothes that fit us like gloves. But, that wasn’t part of the initial topic of discussion. I guess we could just keep adding details like some odd game of chess. :)

      20. In case I need to clarify, I understood you were not a native English-speaking person. [Though I somehow missed or forgot you were a German 20-year-old…holy crap; she’s only 20.] But, I joked a step further by using the term Native American which could mean “a person born in the USA” or “a member of the original tribes that inhabited North America (or both Americas) prior to European invasion.” So, you did not make a mistake in word usage. I just had a little fun with what you said. :)

      21. I was trying to reply to your comment and spell-check another post simultaneously. Won’t happen again :D
        Woohoo, you forgot I was German (I always like hearing/ reading such things because it tells me that my year abroad wasn’t in vain). But what is wrong with the 20? I heard that a couple of times this week and I don’t get why that would be so special. Many people are 20.
        Ah, now I see. Well than … please continue having fun ;)

      22. Ah, the fun of spell-checking. It’s the online gift that keeps giving.

        Well, how am I supposed to determine you are German or not?:P You don’t interject German words or refer to German foods, etc. You don’t speak fondly of old “Dooseldorf.” [I know my spelling is off; ‘just throwing out the first thing to come to mind.]

        So, you spend one year in the USA and think you’re an English Jedi?

        Nothing wrong or odd about being 20 other than, I guess, I keep projecting people to be older than they are. I think pretty teenagers are 20. And, people who claim to be 30, I think they are 50. I pinned you at 23-26. I am sure I looked at the About Me biz before…but just forgot. I look at many artists on here. Surely, they eventually get jumbled.

      23. Who needs spell-check, really? Well, Düsseldorf is just aeound the corner but if you want me to I can insert random German worss every now and Kartoffel.
        Nah, not he US. I spent a year in good old Ireland, Cork and Monaghan to be accurate. Who needs an “about” page anyways! 23 doesn’t sound too bad to me though!

      24. I prefer having an actual dictionary on hand. A computer only seems to get a portion of what a person should get right. And, I see typos you just made. :P

        What is Kartoffel?

        How is Ireland abroad from Germany? You’re practically neighbors. From my perspective, it’s like going from California to Ohio.

        I just think you have a mental/social maturity that maybe adjusts your age in my mind. Maybe, in my brain, I can’t conceive 20 year-olds not using the word “like” in every sentence. So, take it as a compliment or whatever. Some will feel proud to be called mature while others will not want to be aged so fast. I guess I admire your responses and think of you as a mature comrade.

        I think the About Me page is a very important and useful thing to have here. It gives us a space to fill people in on some FAQ things that we might hate to repeat. And, if someone wanted a glimpse at the person behind the words, it could help inform them before engaging in, let’s say, emails which might start a nice pen pal relationship.

      25. I’m sorry for the typos. I was trying to write back while I was on the train back home and I just had my phone. “Kartoffel” means potatoe in German. Just thought I should leave it there. Well, I was just 15 years old and went there alone without knowing anybody so it culd have also been Mars or Jupiter. I actually never got to come to America but it’s on my bucket list! Ahw, thank you, I really appreciate it! I also enjoy our conversation very much!
        Yes, I get your point. I meant that in a rather ironic way.
        I think the whole idea (blogs and having your own personal internet space) is truly magnificent. I got to speak to so many great people and read about a variety of intriguing things. Plain awesome.

      26. Everybody has their excuses for typos. :) Pretty soon, “the great American novel” will be riddled with typos because it was written, edited and published on a train or bus.

        And, on a “phone” no less….sheesh.

        You went to Ireland at 15 on your own? You just ran from home and spent time there? I don’t believe it. It sounds like a fairy tale.

        I think you and I could yet become grand friends. :)

      27. Well those damn phones have such tiny keyboards! And the train was moving a lot! I wanted to gain experiences and get to know the world (or a small part of it). It wasn’t like fairy tale .. loads of things went wrong. But I still made it through :D As this comment sections keeps getting longer and longer .. do you want to move this conversation to writing emails?

      28. That’s why I think it’s ridiculous people even use a “phone” to type. I feel like so many are turning into monkeys in some giant lab experiment. Look what these chimps do when we give them tiny keyboards. Isn’t it amusing?

        Well, lucky you did or we wouldn’t be having this chat.

        I’d have been scared out of my wits on a trip like that. When I was ten I might have wanted to take such a trip. But, being away from home has been rough for me most of my life. I feel like I need to fold up my bed and take it with me. I finally thought I had broken the “curse” roughly a decade ago. And, like you, I suspect, I had my share of things that went wrong. I didn’t cry because I missed home. I cried because I had to go back to a home I didn’t really enjoy.

        Yes, please. :) Let’s be pen pals, already. hehe Or, you can discuss some stuff in the Chat Cafe.

      1. Warm up??? Sheesh. I wish my warm ups looked as good. I have a half dozen poster-size drawings of a similar woman in different fashions waiting to be tightened, inked and printed.

      2. I would, but, right now, storage space is sadly a concern, as is work space. I haven’t exactly had the ideal studio space for such large pieces in a while. So, when conditions are prime, I make room to work and a lil storage space. But, for now, I just have too much occupying me on my PC. But, yea, you make me want to do pieces like you are making. I feel like we could work side-by-side.

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