Be a part of my art!

Take part! Soooo! Someone had this awesome idea and I don’t know how I didn’t think of it myself!

You now have the chance to become a part of my fashion illustration series! Do you want to see how your face looks like as a comic illustration? Just give it a go!

How do you take part? It’s pretty easy (:

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram (and since we’re here on too) and share my art. I have 5 open positions for coming illustrations and will select 5 people. If you are one of those five I will contact you and ask for a photo of you and how you would like to be pictured. As a little thanks you will receive your illustration as a high-resolution and ad-free jpeg.

By taking part you agree to be fine with me using the illustration as a part of my series. As well I will post it on my social-media sites and websites. There will also be a limited fine art print edition of 100 pieces that will be available for sale. Please, understand that you have to be 18 or older to take part because I don’t want to get in trouble with your parents if they weren’t okay with it.

If you like my art, please share this post to give as many people as possible the chance to take part!

Thanks a million for your support!





It’s Wednesday and I did not forget to post the correct picture!

I really liked how she turned out, especially the feathers look so bright with the yellow background. Originally I did a red background but kept changing it until I got stuck with this. Please, share your thoughts and criticism. Also I am open for suggestions for coming illustrations! It just has to be something that can be related or linked to fashion. Just comment below (:


Mermaid Time!

Today I was able to get another page done for my first comic/ graphic novel. Yay!!  It’s very exciting to work out all the characters and to see a full page build up. I’ll post a few sneak-peeks in a short while!

Besides, I didn’t get much done today. It’s just one of those days that I am completely lacking any motivation. I’m sure most of you can relate to that feeling even if it doesn’t have to do with art. However, it does suck if you can’t come up with any good ideas for illustrations even though your deadlines are coming closer.

While going through some older files I found this lady that I did in March. It was a commission for a client but he allowed me to use it on my websites.


Finally finished!

Today I had an appointment in town and stopped in a small store to buy the missing pencil! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the exact color I wanted but I got something similar.

Because the pigments of this pencil were differently it was a little bit more difficult but I am still happy with the result.

As always, please share your thoughts. Your comments are much appreciated!

For those of you who are new and haven’t read the work in progress post: I used colored pencils (Polychromos) by Faber-Castell and a grey-ish toned paper. That’s pretty much it.

Here she comes, the finished Jessica Rabbit!




I just realized that I didn’t post this lady! Every Wednesday I post a fashion illustration done in my own style – this I must have forgotten to post. But better late than never, hm?

I got inspired to draw her like this when  I was looking at beautiful steampunk dresses and hairstyles. I love the tiny details and the mix of machinery and elegance. Especially the dresses are just a dream come true!

Next Wednesday I will make sure to post the right illustration at the right time! It’s going to be a little cross-over with some very pretty animals!

Trying new stuff

I decided to experiment a little bit with colored pencils. I got these awesome Fabercastel Polychromos pencils for my Birthday a few months ago but haven’t used them properly yet. I haven’t finished the illustration because I need a special color for the skin. Might get it the next time I’m in town.

Jessica Rabbit on greyish toned paper (:


Older sketches

A sketch that I did roughly 6 months ago and that I had forgotten about.

I found it the other day and thought that I’d like to share it. I just love drawing all sorts of hair and hairstyles!




Work in Progress


Aaaand this is how next Wednesday’s fashion illustration looks so far! I finished the lineart today and will start coloring tomorrow..
I’m really looking forward to see how the peacock feathers will look!

Just my thing

Since 2012 I was able to get a glimpse of a truly wondrous place – the world of art and illustration!

Before I stumbled into it I never even thought of the fact that some people really turned their hobby into their job. And to be honest – I can’t think of anyone who would do that job if s/he didn’t really love it. I experienced a broad spectrum of emotions while trying to get as good as some of my idols. I very often reached the point at which I just wanted to quit. Just put those pencils away and stop worrying about it. And every time I did put the pencil down and walked away. Within 5 minutes I’d be back.

I figured I just couldn’t stop that easily. I’m constantly in a love-hate relationship with my own drawing because it rarely feels like it’s good enough. I have heard myself saying “I’m quitting!” countless times. Not once did I really mean it. Art is just too awesome to let go. Turned out it’s my thing. for better or for worse.

I hope that everyone has that one thing he feels about that way. It would be a waste of potential, no matter what your thing is.